Jaisalmer Desert Tents, by Heritage Queen

Jaisalmer Desert Tents

Planning to explore Sam Jaisalmer, then come and stay at Jaisalmer Desert Tent. We have a 5-acre camping area with 47 camps and every evening from October to March we organize a Rajasthan food program along with local snacks, drinks, and tasty local cuisine dinner.

What is waiting for you in Jaisalmer:

A 5 km wide desert dune (Sam) where you will enjoy a desert safari ride to the sunset point which many has rated as the 8th wonder of Asia. Plus a musical program organized by us at our tent resort, performed by professional dancers which is known as “Rajasthani mujra” in the local language.

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Enjoy the desert adventure of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is not just a city with 1000-year-old heritage; it is also a popular adventure destination where one can enjoy paragliding, dirt bike, camel safari and a phenomenal, unique sunset view which isn’t available anywhere in India.

To enjoy this one has to travel 45 Km away from Jaisalmer city to Sam sand dunes. This area comprises of 4-5 km of sand dunes which are 50-60 meter tall, and they have zero plantation on them, and this is the place where every activity (safari, dirt bike, etc.) can be enjoyed.

So the plan for travelers here is to:-

  • Plan a 24 hour trip to Sam sand dunes
  • Book accommodation in a desert camp at Sam.
  • Go for the camel safari in the evening & visit the sunset point.
  • Enjoy the musical program organized at the camp
  • Enjoy some drinks (both no and alcoholic).
  • Sleep is a Swiss desert tent and wake up early to experience a unique sunrise too.

So if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer and want to stay a night in sand dunes then just talk with our camp manager in Jaisalmer at 7014437932. We will be more than happy to provide you any information on a Jaisalmer trip.

Jaisalmer Desert Tent

Camp Address:

Near Sam Sand Dune Parking, Sam
Jaisalmer 345001 – Rajasthan India

Phone no – 7014437932
Email – jaisalmerdeserttents@gmail.com